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Inaugural Alvis Fernandez Wiffleball Tournament

October 24 @ 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

11700 Pierson Road       Wellington, FL    33414

The Fernandez Family is excited to host the Inaugural Alvis Fernandez Wiffleball Tournament on Sunday October 24, 2021 at Village Park Athletic Complex.   Proceeds from the event will go to the 172 Fund at Boynton Beach Fire Department.  We all know that Alvis was passionate about his family and baseball.  Join us as we celebrate his love of baseball with his family for a day of  fun, laughter, and a little competition on the baseball (wiffleball) field.  We encourage your creativity and fun with the event by organizing team uniforms, wear crazy costumes, or anything that you feel would make the event fun.  We will have food trucks available throughout the day at the event.  Water, fruit, and snacks will be provided.

We have four divisions and each division has a maximum of 32 teams.  Once a division is filled with 32 teams, registration will close for that division.  Sign up early to secure your team in the tournament.  You have the option to participate in a competitive division or just have fun in the non-competitive family division.  We have four division options to choose from.
– Boys 15 and Under Competitive (Fast Pitch)
– Co-Ed 15 and Under Non-Competitive (Underhand Pitch)
– Men’s Competitive (Fast Pitch)
– Family Non-Competitive (Underhand Pitch)
All participants will receive a beautiful participants packet which includes an event shirt and competition medal.



1.  A pre-set Strike Zone will be used to determine balls and strikes.  Any pitch hitting hitting the border or within the Strike Zone is called a strike.
2.  Teams will consist of 4 or 5 players.  Only 4 players are permitted to play the field.  You may have 5 batters, with one acting as a Designated Hitter.  You may substitute players between the field and DH.
3.  Each batter will start with a count of 1 ball and 1 strike.  Any combination of 2 missed swings, called strikes, and/or foul balls is an out.  Four balls is a walk. Hit batters do not take a base.
4.  3 outs per inning and 5 innings per game.  A maximum of 3 at bats or 8 runs per inning.
5.  The batting order must include everyone on the team and remain constant throughout the entire game.
6.  Teams must keep track of their own baserunners, counts, lineups and scores, and reach decisions together on fair/foul balls and safe/out calls.  Tournament officials will settle any disputes or answer any questions regarding the rules.  If a tournament official is involved, their decision is final.
7.  Up to four players are allowed in the field of play (including the pitcher).  Each can position him/herself anywhere in fair territory beyond the pitcher’s mound.
8.  All fielding must be made using only human extremities (no hats, gloves, or anything else may be used to aid the fielder).
9.  Pitching and fielding substitutions can be made at any time between atbats, but NOT during them.  A pitcher cannot be relieved and re-enter the game as a pitcher until the inning after which he/she was relieved.
10.  FAST PITCH DIVISION ONLY:  A speed limit of 45mph will be in effect.  Random speed checks will be made during the tournament.  If the opposing pitcher is suspected of throwing too fast, a speed check can be requested. The pitcher found to pitch over 45mph on 2 occasions (1 offense is warning) will not be allowed to pitch for the remainder of the tournament.  Any pitches clocked over the limit will be considered a ball.
11.  If a game is tied after 5 innings, extra innings will be played.  Each team will start with the bases loaded and will receive only 1 out.  The team leading after each team has an opportunity to bat will be declared the winner.
12.  Victory Sports Management reserves the right to make changes and final decisions during the tournament.  This is a self monitoring event, please make sure we have fun and laugh throughout the day, just as Alvis would do!

Alvis Fernandez Wiffleball Tournament Field

Complete the following event form to register your team for the event.  A team consist of at least 4 players and no more than 5 players.  Each player will receive an event shirt and participation medal.  Game time and schedules will be posted once registration is closed (no later than October 10, 2021).



Questions and Answers

Q:  When is the Alvis Fernandez Wiffleball Tournament?
A:  Sunday October 24, 2021

Q:  Where is the tournament being held?
A:  Village Park Athletic Complex – 11700 Pierson Road, Wellington, FL,  33414.  All games will take place on the baseball fields.

Q:  How do I sign my team up?
A:  Complete the form above and your team will be entered into the event.

Q:  How many players per team?
A:  You must have four player, who will each bat and play the field.  You may add a 5th player to act as a designated hitter.

Q:  What positions are required when in the field?
A:  You must have one pitcher and one catcher.  The other two players can play anywhere you see fit, within fair territory.

Q:  How will I know my teams tournament schedule?
A:  We will post the schedule on the event website once ready.  Once a division if full or on October 10, 2021 (whichever comes first) we will post the event schedule.  We will also email all participants the event schedule when ready.

Q:  How much does the event cost?
A:  The cost is $150 per team (4 or 5 players).

Q:  What are the rules for the tournament?
A:  The event rules are listed above, please review prior to your game to ensure you understand.

Q:  Is there a benefactor for the event?
A:  Yes, proceeds from the event will go to the 172 Fund at Boynton Beach Fire Department and the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Q:  Is a wiffleball field the same size as a baseball field?
A:  No, since the ball will travel much less in wiffleball, the field dimensions are much small.  The distance between home and first base is 40 feet.  The distance from home to the left/right field foul pole is 95′.

Q:  What do I get for participating in the tournament?
A:  All participants will receive a beautiful dri-fit event shirt and raffle ticket.

Q:  Can I use my own equipment?
A:  No, all players must use the wiffleball equipment (bat and balls) provided by the tournament.

Q:  Can I use my baseball glove?
A:  No gloves, hats, or any other items may be used while fielding.  Players must use their hands to catch the ball.

Q:  Can I sign up for more than one division?
A:  Yes, we will schedule accordingly to ensure you can participate in each division.

Q:  Will there be umpires at each game?
A:  No, teams must keep track of their own baserunners, counts, lineups and scores, and reach decisions together on fair/foul balls and safe/out calls.  Tournament officials will settle any disputes or answer any questions regarding the rules.  If a tournament official is involved, their decision is final.

Q:  What if I am not available on October 24, 2021?
A:  We look forward to your support in spirit and if you would like to support the event you can make a donation above.

Q:  What if I have a question about the event that is not answered on the website?
A:  Please contact Victory Sports Management at info@victorysportsmgt.com or call (954) 822-2777.


October 24
8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Victory Sports Management


Village Park Athletic Complex
11700 Pierson Road
Wellington, FL 33414 United States
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